“Agila Sverige” a success!

We’re back from the first real agile conference in Sweden, “Agila Sverige 2008”. There have been a couple of other conferences, of course. Some of them with Responsive as sponsors. But this was a conference arranged by the non-profit organisation “Agile Sweden”. It was mimicing the format from “Smidig 2007″,  lightning talks before lunch, and open space in the afternoon.

Andreas and me had two talks each. They seemed all to be well received. Both of my talks where listed on more than one sticky note voting for best lightning talk. So that was a personal success.

It was also a success as a conference. It was so full of inspiring talks, interesting people to talk to, some of them whom I only had had mailing list exchanges with. Nice to meet them face to face. Many of them also people on the “Computer Sweden Top List of Developers”, numbers 12, 30, 44, 49, 51, 53, so sometimes even CS is right…

But the big success was that everybody contributed. Thank you everybody!

My biggest insight was that “10 minutes is enough, you can say everything you want in 10 minutes”. So maybe Agile 2008 in Toronto will be a bore, all those 90 minute ramblings…

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  1. Thomas, glad you liked the conference! The votes from the best speech category just came in and I can tell you that both your speeches are very high up on the list. Great! Thank you for coming and giving so much to the conference.

    On a personal note I find it a tad embarrassing to be on any “top list” where you are not.

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