Management Team Presentation

Yesterday I held a 1 hour+ presentation/discussion for the Management Team of a large organisation. They met up at Vidbynäs Castle to discuss and find inspiration for their next steps into the future. I was invited to talk about Agile, of course.

There was a lot of good questions and I liked the audience very much. I hope I made some points valuable enough for them to bring back to their own part of the organisation. It is difficult to sift out the important points from the million things you want to say, but these are the slides I showed.

On a side note it was not summer as in the photograph, it was the first snow “storm” this winter with 15 cm of snow. The 200 km drive (one way) was, hmm, interesting…

Legacy Systems Design

I stumbled across Objectmentors website and noticed that they did help their customers with “Legacy Systems Design”. My customers have no need for help in that area, they are doing this just fine by themselves 😉


I read Uncle Bobs blog about him recording a Katacast of Prime Factor kata in Ruby, with music. (His main point, and my own when I speak about TDD and katas, is of course that to become a professional you really need to take your practicing seriously, only then can you excel!)

I recommend a read for any of you coders out there. Then you can visit the Katacast website for some more examples.

Strangely, this much resembled what me and Andreas did at XP2009 on the session that Emilie Bache organised, although without music. I coded and Andreas commented. We had decided on trying for the complete Bowling Kata in Java with Eclipse so we had to do exactly what Uncle Bob said he had to do, practice, practice, practice and optimize, to fit it into the 20 minute slot we got.
Again, like Uncle Bob said, it was great fun! I very much enjoy working these things with Andreas, we seem to complement each other well.

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