Increments and iterations

Describing the difference, and similarities, of the two words iteration and increment have been very hard for most of us. Using paintings have never really “clicked” with me…

But now, there is a nice and clearifying description by Eivind Nordby. With the help of some well known guys and maybe someone not so well known, Eivind takes a step forward in understanding the concepts and explains that both can be applied in the process and the product dimensions, but might still mean “adding” (incremental) and “reworking” (iteratively).

And I suppose that it’s the fact that both addition and re-work can be applied in both the process and the product dimension, that makes it so hard to pinpoint and describe.

In a “true” agile sense we really like re-work in the process dimension (repeating the activities, so that we can get good at them). But we dislike re-work in the product dimension (could be considered “unknown amount of work left to do”) becase we want the functionality to be Done Done. In real life though, mostly we aren’t really, really Done Done. Sometimes because of misunderstandings, time constrains and what not, but also not seldom because of the “systems implementation uncertainty principle”, the fact that implementing a system changes both the perception of that system and the needs it should fulfill.

So I guess that we should continue to strive for pure incrementatlity in the product dimension, but sometimes accept a “failure” and then iterate a bit. Particularly to get the early feedback that is so essential for delivering the functionality and properties that are really needed, and not the percieved needs.