Bowling Kata “solution”

One of the most famous katas (excercises) for TDD (test-driven development) is the Bowling Kata. There are some sites that describe the Kata, which has the following “stories” as input:

  • A bowling machine want to report the number of pins the player strikes down for every roll the player does
  • A bowling player want to see the resulting score of a completed game

It is actually a rather simple Kata, but never the less allows for demonstration and training of some TDD tasks and strategies. But of course you need to know the bowling rules…

We have used the Bowling Kata for our Coder’s Dojos, and have learned a lot from it. The following is a recording of one of my solution to it :

Geek Test

Well, it has been far too long betwen posts now. I’ll try to fix that, but The Life Puzzle is not easy to put together, especially since our company is now picking up steam. More and more leads, and more of them seems to lead to actual business. But I suppose that is actually a problem to be happy about!
So, as the first thing I stumbled upon the New Geek Test, which I could not refrain from taking. So here’s my grades: says I'm a Cool Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!