I’m just back from XP2012 which was held at Malmömässan in Malmö, Sweden. So when it’s “at home” you just can’t miss out. I stayed almost the whole week and felt injected with a lot of inspiration, which is exhausting.

While, in my eyes, the program didn’t look quite the same level as some of the previous XP’s, I had some very inspiring sessions, including information packed keynote by Dave Snowden, a promising workshop with Tobias Anderberg and Ola Ellnestam, presentation on agile contracts by lawyer Lars Ahrred which brought hope and tips for future cooperations, a workshop with Ivana Gancheva and Bent Myllerup on coaching/teaching balance and the new concept “Validated Influencing”.

Open Space session about “Deliberate Practice” initiated by me became an extreme success thanks to Willem Larsen, David Campey and Markku Åhman. Thanks guys.

Willem also did a language/fluency hunting session which was inspiring to see. I’ll take away the “Live” tool (as a participant being engaged, inspired, finding forms that makes us get into that operating mode).

The conference dinner prepared by Jan Boris-Möller (an engineer turned master chef challenging almost every cooking preconception) was so much more interesting after his presentation and the following conversation with him on the height of chefs hats, chemistry and physic of cooking and waiters selling what works (rather than what the customer thinks he wants).

Also my own presentation, which was a remake of my “Agile Analysis” titled “Continuous Analysis, or Kanban for Product Owners” got some traction.